The Proof is in the Plants

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The Proof is in the Pint

Growing with discipline and adherence to scientific principles combined with
AromaSmart processing results in a hop that you can trust to bring out the most in your beer.

The Proof is in the Process

Rely on our AromaSmart process to create the highest quality pellets,
retaining all of the essential oils from our premium hops.

The Proof is in the Production

Planting strategies, trellis design, irrigation management, pest control and more:
We can help you get the most out of your crop.

The Proof is in the People

Join us at our workshops, field days and online courses which are all built
on a foundation of experience from the fields to the tasting room.




Established growers, enterprising new growers or homebrewers with gardens, you’ve come to the right place for workshops and training sessions.  We are also available for speaking engagements with custom content tailored to your audience.

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Whether you use our educational programs to grow on your own, consult with us for your field design, utilize our speciality harvesting and drying equipment or become one of our elite Charter Growers, GVH is here to help you succeed at every level.

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AromaSmart Processing

High heat ruins the aroma and flavor, so why let it?  Our AromaSmart process keeps the heat down and the essential oils intact, resulting in the best possible ingredients for your brew.

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Gorst Valley provides you with all of the chemical analyses you could ask for so that you know what you’re getting, but it doesn’t stop there.  Let us consult with you on the impact of various varieties and the softer side of the brewing process.

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About Us

Your Beer Deserves the Best! All Midwestern Grown Hops.

Gorst Valley Hops was founded on the idea that Wisconsin farmers can provide high quality hops to Wisconsin brewers. A mere century ago, Sauk county in the state of Wisconsin accounted for 1/5th of the world’s hop production. However, non-sustainable farming practices and a lack of species knowledge led to a rapid decline in hops production in the late 1800’s. We believe in reviving this once thriving and dominant hops production industry of the Midwest. Gorst Valley Hops is committed to providing high quality pelletized and leaf hops to everyone from craft brewers to home brewers while maximizing environmental stewardship through sustainable practices from farming through processing.