About Us

Gorst Valley Hops was founded on the idea that Wisconsin farmers can provide high quality hops to brewers. A mere century ago, Sauk county in the state of Wisconsin accounted for 1/5th of the world’s hop production. However, non-sustainable farming practices and a lack of species knowledge led to a rapid decline in hops production in the late 1800’s.
We believe in reviving this once thriving and dominant hops production industry of the Midwest. Gorst Valley Hops is committed to providing high quality pelletized and leaf hops to everyone from craft brewers to home brewers while maximizing environmental stewardship through sustainable practices from farming through processing.



Gorst Valley Hops is dedicated to developing high-quality hops as a specialty cash crop for Midwestern farmers to supply to brewers all over the world. Gorst Valley provides education, outreach, processing, and sales services to growers and brewers.