We take it personally when we hear people say that “small scale hop production can’t be done”.  Our goal?  Quality, responsible hop production at all levels, whether you are a backyard homebrewer or a 50+ acre career hop farmer.

Grower Consulting

There is nothing wrong with asking some questions in order to get started.  Whether it’s equipment purchasing, trellis design, drying or even setting up your own processing lab, we can propose the right agreement to take your plans to reality.


Like any other speciality crop the equipment needed to grow and harvest hops is unique.  When we couldn’t find the tools we needed, we went ahead and built them ourselves.  Bine Implement is a sister company to Gorst Valley Hops that engineers solutions to seemingly insurmountable hops production issues.  How much is your crop worth?

Charter Grower Program

Gorst Valley Hops will not purchase your harvest or send over a team to grow hops on your land.  What we do offer to a select group of growers is the option to enter into a long term partnership to establish viable hop production using scientific methods, open communication and, above all, trust.

Greenhouse Plants

Why purchase rhizomes online when you really don’t know where they are coming from?  We source all of our stock from disease-free plants and greenhouse them on a pre-order basis so that you can be comfortable that your rootstock is safe and ready to grow.