Green House Plants

Gorst Valley is dedicated to hop quality in all forms, and that includes live hop plants. We have designed and built a custom greenhouse production system that is the only biosecure facility in North America dedicated to hop production.

We are now taking orders for mother stock to be delivered in late July.  Supplies are limited!

The Problem

Gorst Valley never intended to supply plants to the hop production industry; it was only after tens of thousands of dollars were lost due to dishonest rhizome dealers that we realized something needed to be done. We looked to other greenhouse producers, only to find that their disease free “certification” was meaningless. Dozens of growers found out the hard way, after unintentionally planting thousands of diseased plants, that there is no “certification” program for hop screening.

Our Solution

Gorst Valley works hard to raise the standards of the hop industry, and it is for that reason we’ve built the only biosecure greenhouse dedicated to hop plant production in North America…. We call it the plant lab. Is it big? Nope, but it is big enough to propagate tens of thousands of plants by reservation only, allowing our staff the time to care for each plant individually. We work closely with the University of Wisconsin and the USDA to ensure robust disease screening and scientific protocols for confidence.

NEW:  End of Season Mother Stock

We are in the process of shipping out all preordered plants, but when that is done we will have our mother stock available for purchase.  These plants will be delivered in late July. Since they are mothers they have robust crowns and rhizomes so they will transplant just fine in mid to late summer.

About Mother Stock Plants

These mother plants have been the source of our propagation this past season.  They are hearty and ready to grow.  Since they are mothers they have robust crowns and rhizomes so they will transplant just fine in mid to late summer.

They have extremely dense root systems and woody crowns ready to break new buds.  Some will show older, more tattered leaves and the bines may be quite woody.  Rest assured that these plants are ready to burst from their containers and need to be planted IMMEDIATELY upon delivery (late July)!  Gently massage the root ball to break up the dense root mass.  This will help stimulate new root hairs and drive top growth.  Fertilize as you would younger transplants.

Mother stock is delivered in trays of 6 potted plants per tray (5''-6'' pots) and you are welcome to mix and match varieties in order to maximize your discount.  Pricing per plant goes down as you move up in quantity, but we can only deliver in multiples of 6.  Shipping costs are by the tray and noted on the map below.

SOLD OUT:  Cascade


How Do We Ship Them?

Trays are boxed and sent via 2-day shipping.  If you're really close and want to pick them up to save on shipping, that's great too!  Since these are live plants and it will be summertime, they must go via 2-day shipping to survive the journey.  If you're east of Indiana or west of the Dakotas, please note that this can get expensive; see the chart below.

transit map

Placing an Order

Sales for mother plants are not currently in our shopping cart; please send an email to with the quantity, varieties and your shipping address and we'll get your order placed for you.

The Fine Print

Available varieties and volumes may change at any time due to limited stock.  Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Gorst Valley Hops will provide healthy plant stock as it leaves our facilities; lack of expected plant growth due to delays in planting or incorrect planting, maintenance, harvesting and drying procedures are at the discretion and risk of the grower.  It is assumed that the buyer is knowledgeable in these areas as consultation on any of the above are not included in the price of the plant sale.

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