Who Are We?

We believe that every company deserves to have the highest quality ingredients for their food or beverage products. Based in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, the heartland of America’s farmland, we strive to utilize the newest of technology to improve upon the tried and tested methods used by farmers for countless generations.

About Bill Arendt

Bill Arendt is our operating partner and manager and a second generation farmer. He is a lifelong resident of the Nekoosa area, having moved to the current property at age of five. As a child growing up on a farm, he was involved in the daily operations and the tasks put to him by his father.

In 1984, Bill was asked to partner in the cranberry operation with his father and two others. It has been a steady forward march ever since – adding acres, cleaning, receiving, transportation, fabrication, and timber properties. Every growing season since inception has seen him expand this small farm into one of the most well respected farms and businesses in the Nekoosa area

About Suzanne Arendt

Suzanne provides the highest quality IPM and fertility services (Red Forest Crop Consulting) for both the cranberry and hops segments, as well as manages the lab and the data reporting required for the cranberry receiving station.


We started out concentrating solely on cranberries, with a 20-acre marsh that has grown to 150 acres. We grew, clean, and sold this delicious crop for clients throughout the country.

We are a full-service operation, incorporating everything from growing cranberries and cleaning them at our receiving station to providing transportation of the clean fruit to cold storage facilities throughout Wisconsin for the different handlers we provide the service to.

As the operation grew, Bill decided to diversify the company and take advantage of both his skill as a farmer and the increasing demand for high quality hops for the beer brewing industry from craft brewers, micro and large scale breweries.