Frequently Asked Questions – Brewer’s Edition


Q. Does GVH sell pellets, whole cone, extract, or what?
A. GVH specializes in T90 hop pellets as part of our AromaSmart technology. However, we are happy to fulfill orders for whole cone, dry hops if we receive it before pelletizing – usually in November.


Q. Do I need a contract to buy from GVH?
A. No! While we do love to have forward contracts you are more than welcome to buy on spot. Please keep in mind that you can save up to 10% by forward contracting for up to 5 years. Learn more about our Worry Free Contracts here.


Q. What is AromaSmart and why should I care?
A. AromaSmart is a unique drying and pelletizing process designed by Gorst Valley to retain MAXIMUM aroma because it uses absolutely no heat during the drying process. This helps to retain more of the small aromatic molecules so that they go into your beer, not into the air.

Dry hops are pelletized using our commercial ring die pellet mill in an oxygen depleted atmosphere to further enhance aroma during storage. All pellets are actively scanned via real-time metal detection to ensure absolutely no foreign material is trapped in a hop pellet. Pelletized hops are then double purged and vacuum sealed in a gas and moisture barrier bag before being frozen until you need them. That’s the AromaSmart promise!


Q. Do you guys have Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, (enter hop-of-the-day)
A. Nope. We cannot grow these varieties as they are patent protected and licenses are unavailable from the large Northwest growers. We do have our own unique varieties which you can check out on our Hop Varieties page.
We also provide custom hop blending so brewers are not held hostage by restricted supply of popular varieties.


Q. What size boxes does Gorst Valley offer?
A. We stock 11 and 22 pound packages of pellets, however other sizes are available to fit your style. Just ask!


Q. If I contract do I need to take all of my hops at once? Am I billed in one big chunk?
A. Gorst Valley is happy to store your contracted product until you need them- we know freezer space is a premium among breweries. We also provide monthly and quarterly billing options to best fit your personal needs.

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