Cashmere is a cross between mother Cascade and father Northern Brewer.   The result is something somewhat unique; big lime, semi-sweet lemon, some ripe melon, and pinch of grapefruit.  Moderate Alpha and beta make this a fine early addition hop but don’t expect much of the bright fruit flavors to stick around on the hot side.
Bittering Skill Level:  Low
Aroma Skill Level: Moderate


Cashmere is a moderate alpha hop and will produce a clean bitterness with little astringency.


Cashmere is definitely an aroma hop, full of lime and lemon character and ripe cantaloupe with just a touch of grapefruit resin at the finish.  These compounds are very heat sensitive so addition timing is critical to coax the most from this variety.

Alpha Acid

8% to 11%
Wisconsin average ?% (new variety to the region)

Beta Acid

4% to 7%
Wisconsin average ?% (new variety to the region)

Oil Content

2.2 ml/100gm
Wisconsin average ?% (new variety to the region)

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 60%
Humulene ~ 10%
Caryophyllene ~5%
Farnesene ~ 2%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Cashmere aroma contributions on the hot side are minimal since most of the aroma character comes from the extremely volatile small molecules.  Ealr additions will yield a pleasant herbal hoppiness from the modest humulene content with some sweet floral from teh high myrcene content (but most of that will flash off).  Later and later additions will preserve more of the signature sweet citrus lime and melon flavors.  In our opinion any additions earlier than knock-out or whirlpool are a waste.

Pairs Well With

Skyrocket, Triple Pearl, Yakima Gold, Galena, Cascade, Centennial


Avoid pungent hops like CTZ, Warrior, Summit

Cool Side Aroma Profile

This is where Cashmere really shines.  As stated most of the aroma character comes from non-oil compounds.  As such these components are extremely sensitive to heat and will dissapate quickly.  The best use of this hop in as a post-fermentation dry hop addition.  Pre-fermentation additions will also provide significant character but yeast will transform some of the linalool, geraniol, and nerol into secondary and tertiary compounds, thus diminishing or changing the expectation.

Pairs Well With

Cascade, Centennial, Skyrocket, Triple Pearl, Top Secret, Hull Melon, Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka, Mandarina Bavaria


Extremely sulfurous monsters like CTZ, Summit, Warrior.