Crystal is a cross between Hallertau and a USDA numbered male aimed at producing a Mittlefru-type variety with downy mildew resistance.  The result is something different than expected but nonetheless intriguing.  Crystal presents a curious mix of slight perfume and fruit, mixed with woody herbal hoppiness and a pinch of spice.  She is a curious mistress and sister to other Hallertau types Mt. Hood, Liberty, and Ultra.

Bittering Skill Level:  Low
Aroma Skill Level: Moderate


Crystal is a low alpha hop and should be treated similar to other noble varieties.  She has a high humulene content that makes for the herbal hoppiness component.


Crystal has a melange of aroma characters depending on dry-hopping rate and addition timing.  Herbal woodiness dominates but is buoyed by a base of sweet fruit from myrcene.  Slight spiciness finishes this hop and can add real interest to IPAs and most ales and heavier lagers like bocks.

Alpha Acid

3% to 6%
Wisconsin average 5.2% (5 year average)

Beta Acid

4% to 7%
Wisconsin average 5.5% (5 year average)

Oil Content

1.8 ml/100gm
Wisconsin average 1.3-2.1 ml/100gm (5 year average)

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 50%
Humulene ~ 20%
Caryophyllene ~8%
Farnesene ~ 2%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Crystal addition on the hot side will produce pronounced but not overpowering herbal woodiness with a bit of hoppy dank.  Most of the myrcene will flash off during early additions so make sure to add late if those attributes are warranted.  A bit of pepperiness can be expected but not so much as to be offensive when added very early.

Pairs Well With

Brewer’s Gold, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Saaz, Hersbrucker


Avoid pungent hops like CTZ, Warrior, Summit

Cool Side Aroma Profile

Crystal has many aroma facets ranging from herbal to spicy to fruity and can present a challenge when balancing a dry hop recipe.  But she also presents a unique opportunity for most beer styles when paired appropriately.  Look to pair with fruit and perfume forward varieties (see below) and avoid super-dank monsters like Simcoe, et. al.  Long dry hop resting period can result in astringency so do not rest on hop debris for more than 24 hours.

Pairs Well With

Cascade, Centennial, Skyrocket, Cashmere, Top Secret, Hull Melon, Nelson Sauvin.


Extremely dank monsters like CTZ, Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, Galaxy.