Galena is the daughter of Brewer’s Gold crossed with an unknown open pollinator. The result is a variety with all the robustness of Ma with the alpha acid kick of an unknown Pa. She was released in 1983 from a program in Idaho.


Galena was one of the earliest “super-alpha” hops, with acid ranges 11-14%. No wonder that she is typically added early in the boil for complete isomerization. Being a Brewer’s Gold daughter, Galena has a respectable yet gentle phenolic bite that can balance well with heavy malt bodies. Best used in beers with sweet malt that needs a counter point. ESBs, IPAs, dark lagers all make good use of Galena.


Galena’s aroma character is typically an afterthought since she is a primary bittering variety. However most brewers miss out on her 60% myrcene content by boiling most of it away. Expect strong sweet citrus, mandarin from this hop.

Alpha Acid

11% to 15%
Wisconsin average 12.5%

Beta Acid

6.5 to 9.5%
Wisconsin average 7.8%

Oil Content

1. 7 ml/100gm

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 60%
Humulene ~ 15%
Caryophyllene ~ 5%
Farnesene ~ 1%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Galena is a superstar citrus bomb to which no one pays any attention. Even mid-boil additions will see noticeable sweet citrus come through due to the overwhelmingly high myrcene content. Later hot side additions only enhance this aroma as well as reduced herbal essence.

Pairs Well With

Other citrus and resinous hops like Cascade, Chinook but also contrasting herbal and spicy types such as Nugget, Tettnanger, and Sterling.


Galena has high phenol character that comes through the boil so take care to pare with a hop that won’t add more phenol. Stay away from Simcoe, Citra, etc.

Cool Side Aroma Profile

On the cold side all of the glorious myrcene, linallol, geraniol, and nerol can come to the front. Many brewers express delight at the big blast of mandarin aroma in the fermenter head space when using Galena. But that big sweet citrus also comes with big phenol so be careful.

Pairs Well With

Other citrus hops for a compliment and other spicy hops as a counterpoint. Willamette, Mt. Hood, Crystal, Tettnanger, Chinook.


Very dank hops will mute the sweet citrus so stay away from or use sparingly the catty dank suspects.