Mt. Hood is the daughter of the legendary Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and a numbered USDA male. Released in 1989 by the USDA Mt. Hood has experienced a solid reputation for adding noble hop character with American zest. Her sisters include Crystal, Ultra, and Liberty.


Mt. Hood is a very gentle bittering agent, having relatively low alpha acid (4-7%), typically leaning to the lower side of the range. It is also light in phenolics so water-soluble bitterness is minimized.  Best used in Lagers, Stouts, Wheats, and English styles with American flair.


Mt. Hood is often referred to as the “juicy-fruit” hop since high quality cones smell heavily of sweet fruit with a considerable herbal backbone. Although relatively low in myrcene Mt. Hood makes up with higher linalool, geraniol, citronellol, and nerol. These are very light, easily oxidized aromatics that are partially responsible for its poor storability.

Alpha Acid

4.5% to 7%
Wisconsin average 5.5%

Beta Acid

3 to 5%
Wisconsin average 4.2%

Oil Content

1. 8 ml/100gm

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 40%
Humulene ~ 35%
Caryophyllene ~ 12%
Farnesene ~ 1%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Humulene and caryophyllene are the major aroma players when added hot, resembling her legendary mother Hallertauer. Expect full herbaceous and slightly perfumy aspects but don’t expect this character to stand up well against aggressive dry-hopping. Additions at knock-out or whirlpool is a happy medium to preserve the general aroma character.

Pairs Well With

Other noble varieties and daughters like Willamette, Sterling, Crystal, Styrian Golding, Nugget, Cascade.


Doesn’t interfere with other varieties but is easily masked.

Cool Side Aroma Profile

Mt. Hood is a mix of herbal and fruity with just a hint of spice. Expect this hop to provide perfume-like sweetness mixed with an edgy herbal spice. It is not a strong aroma so care should be used when paring with more aggressive varieties.

Pairs Well With

Noble varieties and hops with a singular note like Sorachi Ace, Nelson Sauvin, Nugget.


Being a gentle aroma type it is easily buried by dank varieties or strongly resinous hops like Columbus, Simcoe, and even heavy Cascade additions.