Developed by Saporro Brewers Ltd. in 1984.  Sorachi Ace is a Japanese creation bred from the royal North American mother Brewer’s Gold, noble Saazer, and two Japanese parents Beikei number 2 and OP males. This unique combination of parents yields an impressive and different option for American style IPAs and pale ales.


Sorachi is a a strong bittering hop borrowing heavily from her mother Brewer’s Gold. However she has a subtle phenolic astringency that allows for aggressive use as a primary bittering hop.


Sorachi aroma is very complex and quite unique among the non-patented varieties. She is high in lemony myrcene but also a compound called carvone, notably found in caraway, dill, and spearmint. Coconut is also present (most likely from a lactone component) but is far less intense than the carvone.

Alpha Acid

9% to 13%
Wisconsin average 10.2%

Beta Acid

5 to 7%
Wisconsin average 6%

Oil Content

2.9 ml/100gm

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 60%
Humulene ~ 20%
Caryophyllene ~ 7%
Farnesene ~ 2%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Due to Sorachi’s heavy myrcene and carvone contribution to aroma, hot side additions will greatly diminish her potential. However due to the very high level of myrcene it is likely that some of the lemony essence will find its way to the finished product. Because of the low vapor pressure of carvone (similar to myrcene) and its lower content by weight the brewer can mitigate the aggressive dill component by early boil additions.

Pairs Well With

More herbal and spicy hops with higher humulene/caryophyllene content like Nugget, Brewer’s Gold, Galena.


Heavy thiol hops (CTZ, Simcoe, etc) late boil can mask the bright myrcene lemon and exacerbate the catty skunkiness.

Cool Side Aroma Profile

Care should be used when using Sorachi for cold side additions since the carvone can quickly overwhelm the entire aroma profile of the beer. Heavy myrcene content can also come across as metallic and distracting. However a measured hand can produce extremely complex and enjoyable lemon, spicy nip, and a subtle foundation of coconut.

Pairs Well With

Very strong aroma players like Nelson Sauvin, Chinook, Mt. Hood, Cascade, Moutuka, Galena.


Sorachi holds its own due to the high myrcene and carvone content but be careful with heavy additions with the thiol hops like late boil additions.