US Tettnanger is a clone from the Swiss variety, originating in the Tettnang region of southern Germany.  It is rare to have such a disease resistant Noble type that flourishes in Wisconsin.  She is considered a “pleasant” variety due to the low oil content and low alpha acid level.  She is well balanced with myrcene and humulene presenting a sweetly floral and woody spice and has a considerable farnesene content which helps bolster the fruit character.

Bittering skill level: LOW
Aroma skill level: MODERATE


Being a low alpha Noble variety Tettnanger has a versatile, smooth bitter gained from the interplay of low alpha acid and herbal-spicy humulene.  However, care should be taken when combining with other varieties as to not smother her character.  She is well suited for use in traditional and North American style lagers and lighter ales.  Pairs well with wheat bases.


Tettnanger is somewhat unique among Noble varieties in that it has both a pronounced floral/fruit component and a strong spicy/herbal component.  Nearly all floral and fruit aspects are lost when added on the hot side. Expect notes of pear and peach underneath stronger geranium tones.  Peppery herbal character can be quite dominant but still allows the sweeter notes to come through.

Alpha Acid

3.5% to 5.5%
Wisconsin average 5.8% (7 year average)

Beta Acid

3.0% to 4.5%
Wisconsin average 3.5% (7 year average)

Oil Content

0.6 ml/100gm
Wisconsin average >0.9 ml/100gm (7 year average)

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 45%
Humulene ~ 20%
Caryophyllene ~ 7%
Farnesene ~ 7%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Expect relatively passive aroma dur to the low oil content of this hop. Moderate hoppy/herbal character dominate when added during the boil.  Low humulene and caryophyllene content are responsible for the more subtle herbal character.  Myrcene, linalool, geraniol, and farnesene will mostly volatilize on the hot side thereby diminishing any floral, fruit  flavors.

Pairs Well With

Mt, Hood, Santiam, Crystal, Fuggle, Saaz, Sterling, Sorachi Ace


If anything Tettnanger is at risk of being smothered by more assertive North American varieties.  Select partners with Noble heritage for proper balance or varieties with low sesquiterpene content.

Cool Side Aroma Profile

Tettnanger really shines on the cool side.  Additions at whirpool provide just enough heat to oxidize the sesquiterpenes to bring out the traditional hoppy aroma yet preserves some of the lighter aromatics that carry the flowers and fruit.  Dry hopping with Tettnanger will reveal more fruit and spice than whirlpool additions but still have some bite from other non-oil constituents.  Again, low oil volume makes this hop somewhat easily overpowered so pay attention to the “loudness” of dry hop partners.

Pairs Well With

Mt. Hood, Crystal, Brewer’s Gold, Galena,Sterling, Cascade, Fuggle, Hersbrucker, Nugget, Sorachi Ace


Avoid any overbearing varieties that tend to be extremely pungent like CTZ, Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra, etc. Choose partners with some herbal components added on the hot side and cool side partners with herbal and some citrus character.