Willamette was born of the English Fuggle seeding in Oregon in 1976. Think of her as a tarted-up Fuggle, in the American styling.


Willamette has the refined English bittering we all love. It is very gentle with a smooth almost velvety sensation. Very little astringency from phenolics.  Best used in Lagers, Stouts, Porters, ESBs.


Willamette has similar profile to Fuggle except less extreme. She shows much more myrcene and much less humulene which works to bring her to the center of “hoppiness” aroma. Some farnesene is present and can provide some bright spicy notes when dried appropriately.

Alpha Acid

4.5% to 7.0%
Wisconsin average 5.8% (7 year average)

Beta Acid

2.5 to 4.5%
Wisconsin average 3.5% (7 year average)

Oil Content

1.4 ml/100gm
Wisconsin average >1.6 ml/100gm (7 year average)

Oil Breakdown

Myrcene ~ 60%
Humulene ~ 12%
Caryophyllene ~ 5%
Farnesene ~ 10%

Hot Side Aroma Profile

Expect the humulene and caryophyllene to come through from hot side additions. Some myrcene will follow but more on the spicy side rather than perfumy.

Cool Side Aroma Profile

Lots going on here. Willamette ages quite well as a dry hop, developing a deeper richness as the humulenes oxidize and glutamates develop. Expect young beers to be mildly perfumy with a bit of earthiness and pine. As the beer matures the aroma is somewhat attenuated.