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101 – Intro to Hop Production

By April 24, 2015 Education

Hops 101 – Introductory Level:  This workshop is an introduction to small scale hop history, production, and processing.  It will provide a great overview for new hop growers or serious home brewers.

Topics Include:

  • NEW!  Comprehensive financial template to weigh the pros/cons of going into hop production
  • History of Hop Production in the Midwest/East Coast
  • Botany and Horticulture
  • Market Analysis
  • Plantation infrastructure, trellis designs, hardware, material costs
  • Plant nutrition, soil, and irrigation essentials
  • Proper Hop Drying
  • Hop Processing Overview

Attendees will learn:

  • How/why the hop industry collapsed in our regions
  • How to design and install a plantation trellis
  • What the economic potential is for hop production
  • What hops require for high yield and high quality
  • How to harvest and dry hops properly
  • What a plantation operation will cost to establish and operate

Who should attend?

  • Farmers looking for high value niche crops
  • Serious home brewers looking to raise their own hops
  • Brewers interested in a local market
  • Extension agents, educators, etc
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