Being hop farmers we know all too well how difficult it is to find the right tools and supplies. When we began growing there were no small volume twine, pole, or hardware suppliers. Slowly we expanded our customer base until we could inventory and provide for growers of all sizes.  Consulting contracts with Gorst Valley Hops include access to our bulk purchase pricing on all of your hop yard essentials, such as:


We sell only 100lb test double filament coir twine. No light-weight stuff here as we’ve seen too many mature bines laying on the ground in August after a strong storm. Strings are 21ft long and come in bundles of 100 minimum and 2400 to 2600 per bale.


Once the most difficult item to come by, we have developed a good relationship with a quality Midwestern forestry and treating company to provide poles for most hop yard designs. Lengths from 20 to 24 feet are available with diameters of 4 to 7 inches at the taper. Many species are available.


Having designed hundreds of acres of hop trellis we know about hardware! Should you use 1×7 or 7×19? Galvanized or stainless? Turnbuckles or slip tensioners? We have sought out the most cost effective and reliable sources for trellis materials available within a few days of order shipped right to your door.


Don’t leave irrigation until last! Gorst Valley has built a relationship with one of the most well-respected manufacturers of pressure-compensated drip tubes in North America. Numerous emitter spacings and drip rates are available but we prefer the 18″, 1 gallon per hour design.  Couplers are also available but oftentimes can be found at your local big box store for less. We can help you design a complete package.

Bale Bags

Facing an issue of importing bale bags from Germany, Gorst Valley designed a more cost-effective woven polypropylene bale bag for 1/3 the price.