bine-implement-logoBine Implement was created to deliver quality, affordable small farm equipment for high value niche crops. Bine equipment is made in the USA using local vendors, recycled content materials and field tested on our own farm.

Bine 3060 Hop Harvester

What’s your crop worth?

The Bine 3060 semi-automatic hop harvester was designed with the 1-2 acre hop grower in mind. Capable of stripping and cleaning 20-40 bines per hour the 3060 fits in with most smaller hop farms. It has a small footprint capable of fitting in as little area as a 12 x 12 and only requires 20 amps at 120 volts!

**The Bine 3060 Harvester is no longer in production, however we do sell spare parts for them**

F40 Oast Fan

Harvesting is only half of the challenge and Bine Implement has just the tool for the rest.

The F40 Oast Fan is the result of nearly 10 years of field and farm research to maximize airflow, minimize cost, and improve dry hop quality.

14,500 CFM at 1” WC provides enough power and volume to dry 480 cubic feet of hops utilizing custom designed aluminum airfoil blade sets and a powerful 7.5hp electric motor.

480/720 Oast Plans

Save money by building the dryer yourself with the 480/720 Oast plans.

Bine Implement has it figured out using down- flow air and multiple options for moisture removal. Save money by building the dryer yourself with the 480/720 Oast plans.

Modular design allows for increased capacity as your yields increase without sacrificing too much floor space.

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