Frequently Asked Questions – Growers Edition

What can Gorst Valley do for me?


Q: I have land but I’m not a farmer. Will Gorst Valley rent my land and grow hops on it?

A: We partner with growers who are responsible for the day-in, day-out operation of their farms and are currently not renting land or working other peoples’ properties.


Q: I am already growing hops! Will you buy them from me?

A: We only put the Gorst Valley Hops name on hops that are grown by our Charter Grower members under our quality guidelines and do not purchase other farmers’ crops.


Q: I am already growing hops! Will you turn them into pellets for me?

A: Yes! We have pioneered the AromaSmart methodology of cold processing, retaining the key oils which are responsible for the signature flavors and aromas of hops. We can pelletize your crop, see our processing page for more details.


Q: Beer is hot right now and I thought I would put up a couple of acres and maintain it on the weekends in addition to my current job. Can you help?

A: Sorry, but no. Hop production is extremely time consuming and this is not a hobby. If you’re looking for a second career and want to run your own business then we can help!

I want to talk to you guys!


Q: I’ve never grown hops before and don’t know if it’s for me. How can I figure it out?

A: Our twice-a-year workshops are designed for folks who are on the fence; you’ll get everything you need in order to make your go/no-go decision.¬†Check out our workshops!


Q: I would like to see a farm in operation. When can I stop by the Gorst Valley farm or at a Charter Grower farm closer to my home?

A: We open up the GVH farm for one weekend each July for our Hops 301 On Site Field Lab; drop-ins and even scheduled visits are not something that we typically have the time or staff to accommodate. For privacy reasons we will not give out the contact information for our Charter Growers.


Q: I’m not finding the information that I need here, how can I talk to you?

A: The fastest way to get a response is to send an email to us through our Contact Page; we try to return all messages within 48 hours. The contact form on the web site is also a good way to get a hold of us. You can call the office at 608-228-3117 but we are almost never in front of the phone and it might take several days for us to be available during business hours to return your call. Sorry, but when the sun is up we are working!