Gorst Valley is dedicated to hop quality in all forms, and that includes live hop plants. We have designed and built a custom greenhouse production system and have many varieties available for 2018 planting.

Due to a customer default we have a large overstock of plants available for shipment at the end of April at vastly reduced prices!

We are currently overstocked on:

Chinook  SOLD OUT
Crystal  SOLD OUT
-Northern Brewer (mother plants only – $10 each)
Triple pearl  SOLD OUT
-Yakima Gold

How To Order Hops Plants for Production Volumes

Each tray holds 38 plants of a single variety.  You can order trays of different varieties, but please don’t ask us to mix and match inside a tray.  Full pricing is volume based.  We are heavily discounting our remaining stock:

1-8 Trays: $4.35/plant ($165.30/tray)  $3.16/plant ($120/tray) plus S&H

9-15 Trays:  $3.75/plant ($142.50/tray)  $2.50/plant ($95/tray) plus S&H

16+ trays:  send us an email (plants@gorstvalleyhops.com) so that we can give you a personalized volume discount.

The full plant cost with shipping is due upon invoicing and is nonrefundable.  All plants will ship at the end of April.

How Do We Ship Them?

Trays are boxed and sent via 1-3 day shipping.  If you’re really close and want to pick them up to save on shipping, that’s great too!  Since these are live plants and it will be warm, they must go overnight for long distances survive the journey.  If you’re east of Indiana or west of the Dakotas, please note that this can get expensive; see the chart below to determine your shipping zone.

Green Zone:  $24 per tray, USPS Priority
Orange Zone:  $30 per tray, USPS Priority
Yellow Zone: $90 per tray, USPS Express
Blue Zone:  $98 per tray, USPS Express


Placing an Order

Please send Gregg an email at plants@gorstvalleyhops.com with the quantity and varieties that you are looking for as well as a shipping address.  We’ll work up a quote and invoice.

The Fine Print

Available varieties and volumes may change at any time due to limited stock.  Orders are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Gorst Valley Hops will provide healthy plant stock as it leaves our facilities; lack of expected plant growth due to delays in planting or incorrect planting, maintenance, harvesting and drying procedures are at the discretion and risk of the grower.  It is assumed that the buyer is knowledgeable in these areas as consultation on any of the above are not included in the price of the plant sale.