Gorst Valley is dedicated to hop quality in all forms, and that includes rhizomes. We will have rhizomes available this year directly from active production fields.  We are sold out of rhizomes for 2018 planting.

Got Plants?

You can't grow hops without the raw material and this is where you begin.  Our rhizomes are coming directly out of production fields which are performing at commercial levels, so you know they're the right stuff.

What Are My Choices?


50 unit bundles:  Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Triple Pearl and Columbus.

200 unit bundles:  Comet, Crystal, Galena, Golding, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Sterling.

You can mix and match bundles into a single order to achieve an overall quantity discount but we cannot go below the per-variety minimums.  All rhizomes are $2.50 each ($125 for 50, $500 for 200).  If you order over 500 units, there is a quantity discount down to $1.75/each ($87.50 for 50, $350 for 200).  We require a nonrefundable $0.50 per unit preseason deposit and deliveries should be in approximately mid April depending on how quickly we come out of the winter thaw.  Final balances due including S&H will be sent out in March.

When Do I Get Them?

Most likely we will be ready to ship in mid-April, but that could change to late March or mid-May depending on the thaw.  The good news is that if it's too cold for us to pull up the rhizomes, the odds are it's too cold for you to plant them anyway.

What About Disease?

In a perfect world all plants would be free of disease but Mother Nature says otherwise. Our rhizomes are sourced from productive, commercial hop yards with yields topping 1,800lbs/acre. They must be happy and healthy to perform so well! Rhizomes are not tested for viruses as it is extremely costly and very expensive and thousands of tests would be required for even just a single acre of hops.  Beware paying a premium for "guaranteed virus-free" stock.

Hop plants will be susceptible to mildews regardless of their origin and proper mildew control is the primary weapon when combating these infections. North American growers are not as fortunate as our friends in New Zealand and we must attack mildews preemptively. Waiting for signs will only mean it is too late to make a big difference. Spray early, spray often.

Aren't Greenhoused Plants Better?

Studies at the University of Wisconsin found that even when planting virus free greenhouse plants in the yard from a biosecure facility they can exhibit apple mosaic virus within the first year of production. This highlights the pervasiveness of viruses in the environment and that "starting clean" does not equal "staying clean."

The Fine Print

The current prices are good through January 31st 2018 at which time pricing may be adjusted to reflect rush orders.  Available varieties and volumes may change at any time due to remaining available inventory or at the discretion of Mother Nature.  Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable to other parties or other varieties.  Lack of expected plant growth due to delays in planting or incorrect planting, maintenance, harvesting and drying procedures are at the discretion and risk of the grower.  It is assumed that the buyer is knowledgeable in these areas as consultation on any of the above are not included in the price of the plant sale.

I'm Ready To Order!

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