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Hops 101/201 in February 2016

By December 3, 2015 Education, News

It’s winter and here at GVH we are feeling chilly on the outside.  However, there are plenty of reasons to be warm:

  1. A warm belly from sipping on all of the wonderful brews that are available from our 2015 harvest
  2. Time spent in the toasty greenhouse preparing our virus-free plant stock for the winter months
  3. The feeling of pride as we make plans to teach the next wave of hops enthusiasts and turn them into productive growers

The Spring Workshops are online and ready for registration.  These courses provide you with the introductory knowledge needed to start down the path of successful hop production.


Hops 101: Intro to Small Scale Hops Production on Saturday 2/27/16

Hops 201: Technical Hops Production on Sunday 2/28/16


Both courses will be held at the Courtyard Madison West/Middleton.  We are scheduled to begin at 8:30 and conclude at 4:30.  For more details on the courses and registration, please visit our workshops page by clicking here.