Why should I contract?

  • Contracting allows us to focus on growing exactly what the brewer wants, ensuring ultimate quality, pricing stability, and quantity piece-of-mind
  • Discounts! All forward contracts are eligible for additional discounts, saving the brewer thousands of dollars over the life of the contract
  • VIP Access to hard-to-get varieties not available to spot market buyers
    Rockstar status! Receive complimentary access to all Gorst Valley technical workshops, web seminars, and features spots on web and social media outlet

What is required?

  • 250 pound annual minimum (across all varieties)
  • 3 year minimum commitment (5 year commitments are available with further discounts)
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly payments. New customers may be subject to credit application and pre-payment until credit can be established

Spot Purchasing

All of our hops are stored as T90 pellets in nitrogen flushed, oxygen barrier bags. They are available in 11lb, 22lb and 44lb packages.  If you require smaller amounts or smaller packages contact us for options custom fit to your needs.


For an up to date list of what hop varieties are currently in stock click here!

2017 contract price

2017 spot price